Dryer Vent Cleaning in Clayton, NC and the Surrounding Area

Carolina Hurriclean not only takes care of the surfaces on the outside of your home, but we can also keep your dryer vents clean and free of hazardous lint buildup.

We can also install, inspect or even repair your dryer vent to be sure it’s clear of lint, unobstructed and venting properly. You’ll breathe a little easier knowing that the exhaust and lint from your dryer is venting to the outdoors, and not into your home’s air.

Isn’t it enough to just clean the dryer lint screen?

Unfortunately, while cleaning your dryer filter with every load is very important, it only removes a portion of the lint – small amounts can escape the filter with each load. These can build up in the housing of the dryer, and in the vent duct itself (the large, usually silver tube that goes from your dryer to the wall). As it builds up, your dryer works hard to get your clothing dry, and more importantly can overheat, creating potential for a fire.

Fire Prevention

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission reports that clothes dryers cause about 6,000 fires per year, mostly due to the lint produced during a drying cycle. Removing it from the lint screen with every load goes a long way to keeping them clean, but, getting the lint out of the ducts is the best way to largely prevent this type of fire.

Read their CPSC Safety Alert, ‘Overheated Clothes Dryers Can Cause Fires‘.

Faster Clothes Drying

When your dryer’s vent pathways are clear of lint, your dryer can more quickly move air and moisture out and away from your clothes. When that pathway is clean and not constricted by lint, that process is more efficient, and, more importantly, faster.

Cost Savings

A cleaner dryer is a faster dryer, and faster loads cost less money. It’s estimated that every load of clothing takes about .45 in electricity. A family of four doing an average of 10 loads per week spends $4.50/week, or close to $250/year on electricity. A dryer that’s not running efficiently will take longer, and inflate those costs over time as the dryer works less and less quickly. Don’t let a poorly cleaned dryer eat into your family’s budget!

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When it comes to cleaning the vents of your clothes dryer, Carolina Hurriclean has you covered! Talk to us about establishing a regular cleaning cycle to ensure your dryer’s efficiency and your home’s safety.

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Dryer Vent BEFORE Cleaning

Dryer Vent AFTER Cleaning

Let our professionals remove the lint and reduce the risk of fire in your dryer.

Dryer Vent BEFORE Cleaning

Dryer Vent AFTER Cleaning

Let our professionals remove the lint and reduce the risk of fire in your dryer.

When it’s time to make sure your dryer is operating well and is free of potentially dangerous lint buildup, Carolina Hurriclean is your #1 choice!

We’re working to keep clients in North Carolina’s Triangle Area – including Clayton, Garner, Raleigh or Benson – safer!

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